Class Action

Blady Workforce Law Group's lawyers have prosecuted, defended and litigated employment class actions in California against and on behalf of various companies. Our employment and insurance lawyers have litigated various class claims, including overtime pay, meal period and rest break pay, mis-classification of employees as exempt from overtime and other laws, unpaid wages, other wage and hour claims, and insurance law.

Below we provide case information on current and past class actions handled by our lawyers. All documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You may click on the documents below in order to view a PDF version of the document. To obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can click here.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit that is brought by a representative plaintiff on behalf of others who have been subject to the same unlawful conduct. Class action lawsuits are subject to either federal or state regulations depending on the type of claim and the location of the lawsuit. Some claims, for example, claims for overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act, are filed as a collective action (meaning each individual employee must opt in to the case). Other kinds of class action claims are brought where each employee is considered part of the class unless they opt out.

Class action cases usually occur when an employer engages in a practice or policy in violation of the law. They are also permitted when there are common methods of proof, so that the claims do not separate into a series of mini-claims on liability. In California, claims for overtime, discrimination, misclassification as exempt from overtime, meal and rest periods, working "off the clock", failure to reimburse required expenditures, failure to pay vacation, and failure to pay all wages due at the time of termination/separation have been permitted to proceeded as class actions.

Current Class Actions

Countrywide (Misclassification of employees/Vacation/Labor Code 203)

Payless Shoe Source (Managers -Overtime/Meal & Rest/Pay Stub/Indemnification/Labor Code 203)

Smart and Final Stores (Drivers - Overtime/Meal & Rest/Pay Stub/Labor Code 203)

Virtu Financial Services et al. (Hourly Employees - Regular Rate/ Meal & Rest/Pay Stub/ Labor Code 203)

Settled Class Actions

Southern California Permanente Medical Group (CRNAs) [Final Approval of Settlement]

Smart and Final Stores (Warehouse - Overtime/Meal&Rest) [Final Approval of Settlement]

Evapco (Manufacturing - Overtime/ Meal & Rest Periods/ Pay Stub) [Final Approval of Settlement]

Universal Music Group (IT employees - Overtime/ Meal Periods/ Indemnification

Exponent (Administrative/Clerical - Meal & Rest/ Pay Stub/ Labor) [Final Approval of Settlement]

Cardinal Logistical Management Corp. (Drivers - Overtime/ Meal & Rest/Pay Stub/ Labor Code 203) [Final Approval of Settlement]

Scully Distribution Services/Ryder Logistics (Drivers - Overtime/ Meal & Rest/ Pay Stub/ Labor Code 203)

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