Brain Injury

If you or a loved relative have suffered a brain or head injury in (1) a car, vehicle, auto or vehicle accident, (2) a fall from a ladder,  scaffolding, or stairwell, (3) a falling object at a construction or job site, (4) an accident with a commerical vehicle, large truck, semi-truck, tractor-trailor, or 18 wheeler, or (5) other accident, Blady Workforce Law Group may be able to assist you with legal claims against the negligent party or your insurer.  Our experience as both defense and plaintiff's lawyers has allowed us to handle a variety of different head and brain injuries, including head and brain trauma, mild and severe brain trauma, serious head injury, and a variety of other head injuries.

Brain injuries from accidents, car crashes, falls and other circumstances vary in nature and degree.  Brain injuries may result in damage to memory, cognition, personality, awareness, speech and other functions.  Changes to cognition show up in academic ability, ability to reason, concentration, forcus, language, memory (short and long term), reasoning, speach, work ability, Changes to an injured person's personality may show up as anger, agitation, changes in behaviour, changes in habits, changes in mood, frustration, decreased judgment, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, impaired functioning, irritability, paranoia, post traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions.  Brain injuries may result in in long term or premanent conditions.  Brain injuries often require substantial rehabilitation in order for injured person to restore previoiusly lost and damaged brain functioning, or full time care for persons whose injuries are too severe.  Brain injuries ofter cause severe changes in not only the quality of life of the injured, but also family members. 

Brain injuries to loved ones are highly sensitive and personal tragedies that cause tremedous suffering and pain.  Our lawyers have years of experience handling pesonal injury cases, and will help you and your family through the process of obtaining fair and just recovery for your or your loved ones injuries.  If a brain injury was caused by the negligence or legal fault of another, Blady Workforce's lawyers may be able to povide critical legal representation, including having you or your loved one examined by an expert. 

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